1. STUDIOS BY THE GRANGE (McCaul/Stephanie)(nothing avail as of Nov 24)
2. PARKDALE (Queen/Cowan near Dufferin)(nothing avail as of Nov 24)
3. LAUNDRY LANE (Bloor/Clinton)-facebook (availability - a few artist spaces still left in main area and writers tables) 
VIEWINGS or QUESTIONS or 416-575-6794

Toronto Creative Workspaces is the vision of two Toronto artists - creating engaging workspaces for all types of 'People of the Planet Imagination' for productive focus and community. The spaces are easy-going, vibrant, zen, organic mish-mash and non-corporate.
By artists for artists.  
Founder: Susan Stewart
Sidekick: Jane Siberry 

(Laundry Lane is managed by JS and is slightly different, offering free 'check-it-out' day or week, rent once a week, finish that project.